Links 4/14/12

A team of scientists at the MPQ realizes a first elementary quantum network based on interfaces between single atoms and photons Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (Julia W)

The World’s First 3-D Chocolate Printer Fast Company

High-frequency trading is cuckoo Business Spectator. Readers, your thoughts?

On High Frequency Trading… Macro Rants. Readers?

Warm Winter Means More Pests Farm Journal

Rail traffic continues to soften Pragmatic Capitalist

Metal thefts putting homeowners on edge Chicago Tribune

Double Bubble Trouble Who is IOZ? on Instagram. “A billion, really?” Kinda NSFW.

Eliot Spitzer says President Barack Obama was on Wall Street’s side from Day One Reuters TV

Fracking Tied to Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U.S. Business Week

Oil markets should heed Libor lessons Gillian Tett:

The issue revolves around the role played by price reporting agencies – PRAs – such as Platts, Argus Media and ICIS. These wield extraordinary power in the energy sector, since, as Liz Bossley, head of the Consilience Energy Advisory Group says in her submission to Iosco: “The vast majority of physical oil production moves under contracts that use PRA benchmarks as a reference point”, and “perhaps 60 to 70 per cent of OTC swaps and options are priced or cash-settled by reference to PRA quotes.”

But the PRAs do not create these indices just based on prices established by actual trades; instead, they also rely (sometimes heavily) on reported quotes from a pool of selected financial players, with sometimes as few as five participants taking part, as the Iosco report notes. And there is limited external scrutiny, let alone regulatory oversight of the prices, because reporting activities have been defined as “journalistic” activity and are shielded by free speech rules.

What could go wrong?

Battle for the Soul of Occupy Ad Busters

Yes, The 99% Spring Is A Fraud. “The first clue… was the sign-up table, where there were a bunch of Obama buttons for sale.”

How Occupy Co-Opted Mother Jones. Isn’t it pretty to think so.

Interview with the occupants of Starbucks in Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

Politics in Woodlawn: Occupation of the Mental Health Clinic Gapers Block, Chicago, IL

The Eschaton Decade Sure, but why are all the wankers bit players from the media?

NYT Gives a (Very Reluctant) Kudos to Al Jazeera Columbia Journalism Review

Julian Assange show starts Tuesday, guest kept secret Reuters

Facebook advertisers lose bid for class status Reuters

It’s Not a Crime to Break a Terms of Service Agreement Gizmodo

UK’s approach to internet freedom on par with authoritarian regimes Al Jazeera

Times of London Sued in Hacking Scandal Times (Buzz Potamkin)

News Corp faces growing threat of phone-hacking lawsuits in US Guardian (Buzz Potamkin)

Spread the word about this EU push for citizen participation Guardian

Being Green: Presidential hopeful Jill Stein aims to rebuild a broken system Grist

Family seeks answers after police shooting of loved one The Miami Herald

Newark, NJ mayor [Cory Booker] rescues neighbor from burning home, is treated for burns, smoke inhalation Pravda

In Which I Rain on Everyone’s Cory Booker Parade Corey Robin

Vermont Senate Resolves to Abolish “Corporate Personhood” Truthout

Nazis get their own lobbyist on Capitol Hill The Sideshow. Make up your own jokes!

A lean to the far right in Greece? Foreign Policy

CAIR-Michigan sues FBI, Customs over alleged ‘invasive religious questioning’ Detroit News

Greenwald and his vacation fill-ins are on fire.

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth Smithsonian

Computing isn’t just getting cheaper. It’s becoming more energy efficient. Technology Review. That means a world with lots of sensors and lots of streaming data.

Titanic: the 100th anniversary Detroit News. How a propos.

Antidote ju jour: Tillman the Surfin’ Bulldog (furzy mouse):

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